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Opportunities with SAP Knowledge or Training

1. SAP consultantís 2.SAP core team memberís 3.SAP end users

SAP-ERP consultants

People who ever participated in implementation of SAP-ERP in the company are called SAP consultants.
People who resolve issues or tickets (supporting problems) after implementation of SAP-ERP are called SAP consultants.
So SAP consultants are participated in implementation and resolves the issues arise after implementation.

Requirement to become a SAP FICO Consultant

  • Qualification + Domain experience +SAP experience

SAP-ERP core team members

People who having domain experience (finance,taxation,sales,purchases,etc.) , knowledge of SAP-ERP and associate with SAP consultants at the time of implementation are called SAP core team members.

Requirement to become a SAP FICO Core Team Member

  • Qualification + Domain experience +SAP Knowledge

SAP end users

People who responsible for posting of day to day activities like posting of invoices, creation of master records (Example .Customer master) and generating of Reports in companies(in which SAP-ERP is implemented) are called SAP end users.
  • SAP End user Jobs means Jobs in Companies which are Implemented SAPERP

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